Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hack3rCon UPDATE

It just keeps getting better!!!

Hack3rCon updates:

Hack3rCon has taken on an additional 6,000 sq ft!!

We have new sponsors and vendors joining us!

Current Sponsors:
Enterasys Networks
e-Forensic Services
Thrasher Engineering

This means more events!!

Special Live Podcast: It's a surprise!!

On top of Capture the Flag, we will have a "King of the Network Hill" contest. Hack the system and then keep everyone else away! Do it the longest and you win!

LAN Party anyone?!?! We are trying to make a LAN tournament happen #Hack3rcon!! We are trying to find a sponsor for this event!

More Special Guests:

Carlos Perez a.k.a. Dark 0perator

>Talk Title: Operating in the Shadows
>The presentation covers what are the most common artifacts that are left during a pentest, how to reduce this number and operate in a way to make it harder to detect the presence of the pentester and reduce the amount of information left on the target host by using Meterpreter and it's capabilities.

Joshua Perrymon CEO, PacketFocus

>Talk Title: Attacking outside the Box

>Description: Modern attackers are not relying on network exploits or even application hacking to gain access to your digital assets. As technical defenses increase in complexity and efficiency, attackers are moving into other areas such as smartphones, email hacking, social engineering, onsite theft, and similar targeted methods. This talk will cover what the bad guys are doing, and how you can minimize the chance of a successful attack through proactive security.

Brian Martin and Keith Pachulski

>Talk Title: Physical Penetration Testing: Get in, get the espresso machine, get out!

The Greenbrier Paranormal Society will be joining us on both Saturday AND Sunday. They will be bring out all the their tools, toys and videos! There is a rumor that they might put together a ghost hunt on Saturday night! Don't miss it.

Geek Show and Tell
You have a friend that makes cool geeky stuff? Send him our way!

Geek Art Show!

Don't forget to Pre-Register!! There will some special privileges at the con for pre-register guests!

Swag sales will be limited to pre-registered attendees only on Saturday morning!

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to have an experience that would normally require out of state travel!

FOR ONLY $40!!

Ticket are running out!! Hope to see you there!!


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