Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hack3rcon CTF

Hack3rcon CTF will be brought to you this year by the XRG, a
relentless group of bloodthirsty savages from outer space. From deep
within their hive they have hatched multiple challenges to include
web, traffic analysis, reversing, and more.  Rigorous fun on all
levels from the newbist larva to the leetist overmind.

CTF Rules:
1. All flag submissions have to be received by 10 am Sunday in order
to be accepted.
2. Do not attack other participants.  Only attack computers which are
hosted at IP addresses we have specifically given you on the CTF
network. If you are in doubt, ask a CTF staff member.
3. Do not launch “denial of service” attacks against the CTF network
or systems. Please promptly report any system outages you notice.
4. Do not delete contest flags from systems
5. Event organizers will not be held responsible for any damages that
occur to your systems as a result of connecting to the CTF network;
remember that this is a hostile network.  Connect to it at your own
6. Double check the access point or switch you have connected to prior
to engaging in any attacks - ensure you are on the CTF network.
7. Teams are welcome.

See for more information.