Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trojan forces Firefox to secretly store passwords:

Trojan forces Firefox to secretly store passwords: A trojan recently analysed by Webroot is said to rely
on retrieving web page passwords from a browser's password storage, rather than logging a user's keyboard
inputs. To make sure it will find all the interesting passwords in Firefox, the malware, called PWS-Nslog,
makes some changes to jog the browser's memory. A few manipulations in a JavaScript file prompt Firefox to
store log-in information automatically and without requesting the user's consent. The malware will, for
instance, simply comment out Firefox's confirmation request in the nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file and add a
line with automatic storage instructions. ... According to Webroot, the malware author didn't put any effort into
covering his tracks, as the malware contains a name as well as a Gmail address. Furthermore, Webroot soon
found the Facebook page of the allegedly Iranian developer who claims he develops crimeware for fun.
[Date: 12 October 2010; Source: secretly-store-passwords-1106100.html]

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